Creative Pathways

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hoot's project work with people experiencing enduring mental health needs in supported housing or hospital settings, including work with people with learning disabilities. Creative Pathways is funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Through this work we developed the idea of a residency programme, where hoot artists work with settings to support the improved wellbeing of their residents through creative activity. Through the programme, residents at various settings have developed social bonds through shared experience, which in turn has supported people to form friendships, alongside participation in the creative activities themselves improving wellbeing.

Workshops have taken place a traditional face:face style within Kirklees and the surrounding area, or at a distance using our pioneering face:face remote methodology – which is how we managed to deliver over 35 workshops during the Covid 19 pandemic when the doors of our partner organisations were closed to external visitors. As residencies develop we encourage volunteering from residents to support the delivery as a means of progression.

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