'Ow do!

We’re really chuffed to be welcoming you to our brand spanking new website where you can discover how being creative makes you feel good. Things are looking pretty different around here but we’re still the same hoot team you already know. 

If you’re new around here, welcome! We’re hoot and we’re dedicated to championing the benefits that being creative has on our mental and physical health, and well-being. 

Ready to get stuck in? Head over to Activities and to see all the creative activities on offer right now. You can sign up to join our online hub hoot from home, or get creative booklets delivered right to your door (sounds good, right?)

This site is fresh from the oven so if you do spot a bug or an error let us know at info@hootmusic.co.uk

Ta'ra for now - the hoot team


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Woman laughing at the beach
Woman laughing at the beach