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hoot spaces are currently unvailable for hire.

Music studio

hoot's music studio is currently unabilable for hire.

Run creative activities

hoot has over 18 years’ experience of running creative activities that are fun, engaging and good for our mental health and wellbeing.  We work with artists who specialise in harmony singing, music making, song writing, visual arts, creative writing and digital music making.

Workplace wellbeing

Lockdown and remote working has presented many challenges and insights into our working lives and the role it plays in life other than purely financial. As we consider the practicalities of returning to offices and what ‘agile’ working policies really entail we need to reconnect as colleagues and have some fun together. hoot can help you build this into a working week with creative activities that make you feel good. These can include a programme of sessions throughout the year or one off sessions to support a particular phase of change and readjustment. Please complete the enquiry form below to get in touch and discuss your particular needs.

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Telephone:  01484 516 224   |   E-mail:  info@hootcreativearts.co.uk

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Accessibility Statement

hoot is equipped with wheelchair ramps and an accessible toilet with alarm. 

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Woman laughing at the beach